Well our swoop of swallows have left for Africa ( is that the right collective noun?) and Sarah managed to snap a skein of geese flying over Knoll Hill Farm, see below. Heralding in the autumn these migrations also see a number of car shows. At the top of the road around fifteen minis went shooting past at ten to eight in the morning on their way to the Castle Coombe mini show. We also had two sets of guests who stayed with their deep throated mustangs who left early in the morning to join the Longleat line up in front of the Longleat house. I think it is restricted to 100 cars and is only on one day of the year so the places are well sought after.

Also this week we have the Somerset Arts show… it is always worth taking a small detour to savour the eclectic mix of art. I’m always amazed by the talent and creativity of the amateur artists.

We are putting together activities at Knoll Hill Farm, the The Place to Stay, starting with an open evening of the Bodhi Tree therapy centre where Sarah will do demos of the wonderful anti-ageing facial and how to do your Christmas nails.. I will put details out in another post.

Geese flying south over Knoll Hill Farm, The Place To Stay

Geese flying south over Knoll Hill Farm, The Place To Stay

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